David Toback has allowed his creative vision, passion, integrity, positivity, dedication, and humility guide his journey in life and voiceover. Through these principles, he has built a life and business that embody who he is as a person and voice actor. Using his unique personality, optimistic outlook, and life experiences, David brings stories to life in a way only he can.


David also serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA), responsible for managing all business operations. David joined the GVAA in 2016 after creating what would become the GVAA Rate Guide.


Originally a student, David was fortunate enough to be mentored by Cristina Milizia. After receiving advice and resources on rates, he created a personal rate guide that would be the inspiration for and genesis of the GVAA Rate Guide. After working with Cristina to develop and introduce the first version of the Rate Guide, David joined the staff and has become an integral part of the organization’s growth and development.


David is passionate about rates education in the voiceover industry. He is an advocate for fair rates and helping talent of all experience levels know and understand the value they command as voice actors. Using his years of business and marketing experience from his previous career, David is dedicated to ensuring the stability of voiceover rates through rate and negotiation education and advice.



11:00 - 11:50am |  V.O. 101 - HIT THE GROUND RUNNING

12:00 - 12:50pm | KNOW YOUR WORTH - LET'S TALK RATES